My journey to find the perfect mattress

I never thought much about sleep – other then I need lots of it:). After I married my husband it was time to upgrade to a larger mattress. We went around to those big box stores and found the same type of mattresses at all of them. They felt comfortable but each time we entered one we felt pressure to buy immediately. We finally settled on a high end memory foam mattress. A few days later we received a card board box with our mattress shrink wrapped inside. We cut our mattress loose, and immediately our room filled with a noxious odor. At that moment we remembered the sales person had said “air it out for a couple of days and all will be good”.  The odor finally disappeared, but I could not get past it. I thought – what is this mattress made of? I began researching online and uncovered a number of articles that discussed how these toxic mattresses were made. Over 60 chemicals, toxic flame retardants, formaldehyde, and who knows what else. The worst thing I read was that these chemicals continually break off and attach themselves to the dust in your home and then you breathe these in – gross.  Ok, so where do we sleep tonight?

As I continued my research, I discovered organic mattresses. Hooray, I found my solution or so I thought. As I researched more I discovered that many of them use the buzz word organic, but they were toxic foam wrapped in organic cotton with flame retardants. I spent over 1 year researching and questioning mattress manufacturers. Once I narrowed down my choice to a couple of pure organic mattresses I searched for where I could try them out? We traveled all over NY trying to find what we were looking for and weren’t impressed with any one company.  That is when it hit me – there has to be others trying to find a pure nontoxic mattress like us on Long Island. I decided to use all of my research for the past year and create a specialty sleep shop that would focus on quality, purity, and luxury. I visited numerous manufacturers to make sure they used only the purest ingredients and watched them make their mattresses and pillows. Our friends and family helped us test out the quality, and most importantly the comfort of their mattresses. I selected only the best and brought them in to Bliss Sleep Center.

I wanted to open our specialty mattress shop in a location that valued the organic and pure ingredients that we use. We finally decided that we should find a location in the Hamptons. Southampton and East Hampton have numerous farms focused on producing organic vegetables and fruits. This certainly would fit our focus of purity, simplicity, and the Hamptons exudes luxury. Plus we live locally so it was perfect. We finally decided to open Bliss in Water Mill, NY. Our specialty sleep shop focuses on only the purest sleep products at the best price points. We have hand crafted mattresses made with organic cotton, pure wool, Talalay and Dunlop all natural latex. Our mattresses can be customized to fit your exact needs. We offer mattresses where your comfort can be adjusted at any time and we offer different levels of firmness for you and your significant other. We carry mattresses for baby, child and adult.

My hope and goal is to help everyone find their perfect night’s sleep on the best, pure, luxury mattress. Superior mattress, superior sleep.

Beth Lee Schlendorf

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