Natural Baby Care & Nursery Tips

As a new mom you want everything to be perfect for your new precious bundle of joy.  You spend countless hours on picking out all the many new items you need to care for your new baby.  Here are some tips to help make sure you’re giving your little one the perfect start….

1.  Organic Coconut Oil has so many uses for your new baby and it is so pure you can eat it.  Use it as an after bath moisturizer for your babies skin and as a diaper rash cream that also acts as a natural antibacterial barrier.  It can be used for cradle cap, eczema, scrapes, rashes, acne, bug bite relief and as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral moisturizer around babies sick runny nose.  They say that lauric acid found in coconut oil can penetrate the protective shell around viruses and can help speed up recovery time and may even prevent sickness.  There are so many uses for coconut oil so buy a couple of jars.

2.  Buy yourself a couple of bottles of peroxide and boxes of baking soda.  Keep a spray bottle of peroxide next to your washing machine (dark colored spray bottle so light does not effect the potency of the peroxide). Peroxide alone will take out poop, blood, spit up, breast milk, food stains, etc.  You can use it on colors and white clothing.  Leave on a stain for about a half hour to hour and then wash it. If the stain is a stubborn one, treat one more time with peroxide and some baking soda and let it sit again. Also, add baking soda and peroxide to your washes to brighten colors and whiten whites.  You will never need to buy another stain remover again.

3.  The EPA states that indoor air quality is one of their biggest concerns.  Many of the items we have in our homes are made using different chemicals.  One of the biggest concerns is flame retardants that are now used on so many household items.  These flame retardants slowly break off and attach themselves to the dust in our homes which we breath in.  The air intake of a resting infant is twice that of an adult so they breath in more of these chemicals on a daily basis. Children also play on the floor where allergens such as dust and chemicals settle and collect.  Then they place everything in their mouths making the exposure greater.  If there is one investment that you may not have thought of it is purchasing a vacuum with a HEPA filter.  This will help collect these chemicals and allergens and not allow them to circulate back into your home.  Vacuum often and use natural cleaning products.  Many natural cleaning products work better than the chemical filled cleaners and your family does not have to breath in all those toxins.

4.  Look for low VOC paint to paint your nursery and paint ahead of time so your nursery can air out. Benjamin Moore offers low VOC paint that barely even smells.  Make sure you have someone else do the painting as a pregnant women should not be exposed even to low VOC fumes.  Also, look for solid wood furniture even if you re-finish older pieces of furniture.  Most furniture these days are made using many chemicals and artificial materials.  Purchase pieces that can be used for the long term since solid wood lasts forever.

5.  Two of the most important organic purchases you will make are your baby’s crib mattress and their crib sheets – Your baby’s face and body will be in direct contact with these sheets and their mattress. Unfortunately only 1% of the worlds cotton is truly organic – that means from start to finish.  It is important because 20% of the world’s pesticides are used to grow the world’s cotton and cotton sheets are often treated with formaldehyde which is directly linked to childhood cancer.  You also have to be concerned with the ink they are using to create all those really cute designs.  Mattresses are filled with chemicals including flame retardants, formaldehyde, waterproofing chemicals, etc.  Your new baby will sleep 16-17 hours a day.  You can’t control everything your baby comes in contact with but at least you can ensure that over half the day they are not being directly exposed to these toxic chemicals.

Beth Schlendorf – Owner of Bliss Sleep Center & Bliss Baby Store

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