Our Story & Mission

As a woman with a family of my own, my mission was simply to create a healthy and toxic free environment for my family to sleep and live in.  This transformed into a mission to educate others and create a store that was focused on healthy sleeping.  This is my story… My husband and I had purchased a new memory foam mattress only to find out shortly after our purchase how many toxic chemicals we were sleeping on.  I began a quest to find a healthy alternative for my family.  I spent over a year researching mattresses, toppers, pillows, duvets, sheets and comforters on Long Island and in the U.S. to find companies that shared my values and standards in creating non-toxic sleep products.  I visited many of the factories to watch them hand-craft these items and learn about the materials used.  I entered into a whole new world of healthy living.  I had always known how important it was to eat healthy, get a good night’s sleep, and of course to exercise; but I had no idea how many chemicals were in the products my family was sleeping on and living in.  “The EPA has called indoor air pollution the nation’s number one environmental health problem. … According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, half of all illnesses are aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.” (Debra Lynn Dadd –author of the book Toxic Free – How to protect your health and home from the chemicals that are making you sick.)  As I learned more, I felt compelled to create a store where you could find all your organic mattresses, toppers, bedding and pillows on Long Island in one place at a reasonable price for true organic materials.  This is how Bliss Sleep Center was created.

When I had my son five years ago, it was almost impossible to find cute items like play mats, stuffed animals, and decorative bedding that is truly made of all organic materials.  Many manufacturers claiming to be organic, green, or eco-friendly are using waterproofing materials, polyester, different plastics, flame retardants, and different types of foams.  What is even scarier are the manufacturers that are building their products with chemicals and not offering any disclosure on their materials.  You will find the same great quality and purity of materials found in our existing line of products now used to make all our baby crib mattresses, bedding, sustainable wood cribs, toys, and gifts.  I believe that there is more than enough to worry about when having a baby.  This should not include having to research and figure out how to make a toxic free healthy nursery for your little one.  I hope that my last 7 years’ worth of research can help other mothers and fathers by making it easier for them to make healthy decisions for their families.  All our products are handmade and we know exactly what is in our products because they have been handpicked for their purity to be placed in our Bliss Sleep Center shop.

Our goal is to share the results of our research and help you create a safe sleep environment for you and your family. We have researched, personally tested, and they have been hand-picked each product that we sell at Bliss.  Our products are made from 100% organic ingredients grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, harsh glues, and toxic flame retardants.  We only carry the products we would place in our own home. We have brought all these 100% organic products and sustainable bed-frames to one location to help you select the most comfortable and safe sleep products for your toxic free bedroom and nursery.  Here at Bliss, we hope to continue building a brand that all families turn to when they want full disclosure on what is in the products they are purchasing in an effort to keep their indoor air quality clean and pure. We just celebrated 6 years in business this past Spring and are so thankful to our clients for all the referrals and repeat business.  – Beth Lee Toto-Schlendorf