Organic Case Kapok Pillows


Organic Case Kapok Pillows

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Do you like the feel of a down pillow? If so you will love the feel of our Kapok pillows. These are our #1 selling pillows. Our luxurious kapok is wrapped in a 100% organic cotton casing. Our pillows are hand-stuffed in the USA to make the most eco-friendly pillows on the market. You can order your pillow customized to your liking with a choice of  soft, medium or firm. When you purchase a kapok pillow you help protect our rain forest and sleep well at night.

Each pillow comes with a zipper to allow you to remove or add the Kapok filling to adjust it’s comfort to your pillow perfection.

We recommend purchasing our kapok pillows in a MEDIUM FILL because you can adjust the fill and have a little extra in case you need it. We also recommend purchasing one of our pillow protectors. This will protect your pillow. Kids love them too.

Hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold & mildew resistant. To learn more about Kapok, please see below.

(Zipper on pillow allows you to adjust firmness to your personal comfort)


Kapok comes from the Ceiba tree located in the rain forest. Harvesting kapok from the Ceiba tree pod seeds helps protect these valuable trees. It also provides an income for the indigenous people, protecting this delicate eco sytstem. Kapok provides the baby soft touch and comfort of down, while offering a natural alternative to the cruelty involved in extracting feathers from our winged friends. Kapok pillows mold for your support and pleasure. Its great for individuals suffering next pain, as it provides support and cradles the head which helps alleviate pressure on the neck.We believes kapok makes the best pillows in the world. Make the Bliss kapok pillow your pillow today.

Kapok stuffing
kapok stuffing

Additional information

pillow weights

Standard Kapok soft 20×26 2.0lbs Standard Kapok med 20×26 2.3 Standard Kapok firm 20×26 2.8   Queen Kapok soft 20×30 3.0 Queen Kapok med 20×30 3.5 Queen Kapok firm 20×30 4.2   King Kapok soft 20×36 4.0 King Kapok med 20×36 4.6 King Kapok firm 20×36 5.6    Body Pillow Kapok 20×72 9.0       Travel Pillow Kapok 12×16 0.8 12×21 Kapok 12×21 1.0       17×17 Kapok 17×17 1.5 20×20 Kapok 20×20 2.5 24×24 Kapok 24×24 3.0

Pillow Size

Standard Soft, Standard Med, Standard Firm, Queen Soft, Queen Med, Queen Firm, King Soft, King Med, King Firm

7 reviews for Organic Case Kapok Pillows

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather Carasiti

    I bought a king size kapok organic pillow from the bliss sleep center last week and I can honestly say that I can not remember sleeping this well! I have peace of mind knowing that I am not inhaling toxic chemical through my pillow at night. Another feature I really liked was the zipper on the pillow. I actually ordered the medium softness and when I slept on it I felt like it was a little bit to hard so I took out some if the stuffing to really get the perfect firmness. I love this pillow and can’t wait to order more organic products from the bliss sleep center!.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael R.

    Thanks to my new Organic Kapok pillow, I woke up late for the first time in 25 years. Extremely comfortable. I highly recommend these pillows.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth L

    I wanted to buy organic pillows and wanted to support local business at the same time.. from the minute i walked into Bliss I knew I was in the right place. I meet Beth and after a few questions about how I sleep, she made some recommendations. She really knows her product and is very passionate about getting a good, organic nights sleep.
    I purchased two queen and two standard Organic Kapok Pillows. I love them. I sleep so well with them and can’t remember when was the last time i was so in love with my pillows.. I am going back to look at organic beds and bedding. You really do feel the difference. Great product, great store and Beth is a pleasure to work with.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer G.

    Love my Kapok pillow! Sleeping comfortably through the night after years of struggling to find the right pillow. I own a health spa so finding one that is made of organic materials and Eco friendly was extrememly important to me. I love that I am able to adjust the firmness level by adding or removing the kapok, giving me a comfortable nights sleep every night. I’ve suffered with neck pain for years and have bought dozens of pillows, this has exceeded my expectations!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I recently bought 2 kapok pillows and I am very happy with them! Most importantly, I love that they are chemical-free. They are also extremely comfortable and support my neck very well (I am a side sleeper). The zipper feature is excellent because they can be tailored to be made less firm if someone wanted to change the firmness. As a bonus, the shop is a wonderful local business and Beth, the owner, is lovely to work with!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Susan H. – East Hampton

    “DELICIOUS night sleep on my Kapok filled pillows. My breathing was cleaner and I woke up energized.”

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kristy St. Louis

    Purchased the most amazing kapok pillows from this store a few months ago while visiting my parents. There is not a head that lays on them that does not try to steal them! I went back over the holiday season to purchase them for my parents and best friend. They are in love to say the least. Whats better then a plush, luxurious organic pillow for a good nights sleep? Clearly nothing in our household! The quality in this store is second to none! We will certainly be visiting again for a mattress this summer!

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