Top Sleep Tips for Back to School

Written by: Beth Schlendorf

Every year parents run around like crazy to make sure our children are all prepared to start school, but are we missing a key component.  Nothing sets our children up to learn better than getting the proper sleep.  At night while sleeping our brains organize our memories, thoughts and what we learned that day. Our bodies heal and prepare themselves for the next day. If we don’t get a good night’s sleep then we can’t properly function the next day. The days when our kids or ourselves don’t get enough sleep we end up cranky, less productive, make less intelligent decisions and we can’t handle the stresses of the new day. It is imperative that our children get the proper sleep before the school day so we can help them succeed, learn and play at their best. Many parents don’t realize what is inside or on their children’s mattresses, toppers, pillows and bedding – many of these products have flame retardants, formaldehyde, dyes, and all sorts of other chemicals which are being directly linked to cancer and other respiratory issues and allergies. As parents we want to keep our children safe and healthy. Our children sleep over 1/3 of their lives so here at Bliss we believe in making children’s bedrooms safe and healthy so we may set them up for true success. Some special tips to help your children sleep better this school year…
1. Limit use of electronic devices or TV an hour or two before bed. Instead set up some time to play with toys and read in bed.
2. De-clutter your child’s room. Our children’s rooms should be peaceful and organized so there are not too many distractions at bedtime. This will help relax and calm your child before sleep and also help in the morning when getting ready. You will be able to find everything easily.
3. Be careful what snacks you allow right before bed. Try to offer your child food that helps promote sleep like bananas and cherries.  These help produce melatonin which helps you get a better nights sleep.
4. Spend a little extra time snuggling at night even if you are in a rush to get that load of laundry done or clean up the house before the next day. This is a great time to catch up on some of the stuff they may have forgotten to tell you throughout the day. It will help you both feel more connected and secure a better nights sleep for your little one.
5. Make sure your kids pack their back packs with all the necessities for the next day. Mornings can be crazy and you will sleep better if you know all is together for the next day.
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