What’s up with all the mattress deals?

Written by: Beth Schlendorf

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and lack of sleep affects every aspect of our lives… so why are we always trying to find the best deal on a mattress instead of what mattress will give us the best night’s sleep? I have to be honest… I love a great deal too but sometimes you have to say to yourself… what is that deal costing me in the long run?

The mattress industry is huge and there are so many companies out there today looking to sell you their mattresses online or in store at super low prices and discounts, many with a one size fits all mattress and promises of hassle free returns.  Where do all these returned mattresses end up?  Landfills?  Please please tell me they are not reselling these to the next customer.  I sure hope not.  How are they able to sell their mattresses at such low prices?  Too many mattresses on the market are made with synthetic materials like memory foam or mixes of latex with memory foam. Memory foam will give you initial pressure relief, but it seriously lacks in durability and temperature regulation, not to mention that it is filled with harmful chemicals and flame retardants. Then there are businesses that claim their materials are completely natural, “greenwashing” consumers into thinking that their company is both luxurious and organic at an unbeatable price. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A mattress purchase should be an investment that will last for 10-20 years not a purchase that will need to be made every 3 years.

Unfortunately, people come to me all the time after they have already had a bad experience and are on their quest to find a truly comfortable, durable and pure mattress.  Many times I work with clients that are stuck with a mattress they hate and can’t return.  These clients tend to purchase toppers to make their new mattress more comfortable or to minimize other issues like dealing with heat from memory foam mattresses.  Some clients have had to throw away their new mattress and start over with us.  I always feel bad that these clients didn’t visit us first to see their options before making a decision.

I started Bliss Sleep Center after struggling with my own mattress buying experiences and realized that my sleep is one of the most important aspects of my life that helps me with everything that is important to me like taking care of my family, exercising, working, eating healthy, minimizing stress of everyday life and relief of my neck issue.  When I don’t get the proper sleep my entire day suffers. Our mattresses are not one size fits all and instead are customizable to you and your partner. You can even adjust the level of comfort after sleeping on many of our products. Our manufactures don’t cut corners to sell you the most inexpensive mattress you can find but instead work to handcraft each mattress to your specifications with pure and durable materials that will leave you comfortable for years to come.  Here at Bliss Sleep Center we work with you personally to make sure we customize your mattress to your exact specifications and with our simple organic materials you are never left asking what is in my mattress. Check out our pure organic materials at…

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