Why Organic?

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to worry what chemicals are in the items we purchase but unfortunately we are in a world where everything is being made cheaper and with more and more chemicals.

There are more than 80,000 chemicals available in the U.S.A.

Only 200 have been tested for safety.

5 are regulated by the E.P.A.

Traditional mattresses can contain 60+ chemicals in their production.

Listed below are some of the worst materials that are known to be used in conventional mattresses:

    • Polyurethane foam (petroleum-based material that emits VOC’s
    • Formaldehyde (linked to asthma, allergies, and lung cancer)
    • Flame retardants (linked to cancer and nervous system disorders) such as PBDE’s, which were very recently banned in many countries.
    • Boric Acid (roach killer)

One article states: “In 2005, Walter Bader, owner of the “green mattress” company Lifekind and author of the book Toxic Bedrooms, sent several mattresses to an Atlanta-based lab. A memory-foam model was found to emit 61 chemicals, including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene.”

Flame retardants are required by law in mattresses to prevent them from igniting to quickly during a fire. Many manufacturers claim their flame retardant formulas are trade secrets to avoid detailing the toxic chemicals that are being used. This causes anyone coming into contact with a mattress to inhale toxic chemicals that can yield a number of health issues ranging from cancer, reproductive problems, impaired fetal bran development, neurodevelopmental delays in children (affecting learning, attention span, and memory), liver toxicity and thyroid toxicity.   In addition, you will find toxic glues and adhesive agents in your mattress. Four of the most common chemicals include methylene, chloride, benzene, and formaldehyde – all known carcinogens.  The chemical fumes from these adhesives have been linked to asthma, allergies,  and skin irritation, as well as lung, nose, and throat cancers. –  article “Are you sleeping with the enemy.”

Chemical flame retardants are everywhere. Our mattresses, our furniture, our homes, our bodies. But do they work as promised? And are they making us sick? HBO created a documentary that takes a hard look at how these chemicals dramatically influence our health….

What ingredients are found in an organic mattress?

Our organic latex mattresses in Long Island are made from 3 simple ingredients – organic cotton, organic or pure wool, natural latex. That’s it, nice and simple. What can be surprising is that these simple, natural mattresses in Long Island provide more comfort and support then the best memory foam mattress. In fact many people state that after purchasing one of our organic latex mattresses in Long Island, they have a superior sleep.

Don’t just settle on any organic mattress. You need to read the label and research the manufacturer. We have found misleading advertising claiming to be organic, yet only one feature of the mattress can make that claim. That’s why we research and test every natural mattress in Long Island prior to offering it in Bliss Sleep Center. We do the research so you don’t have too.

Organic vs. Traditional

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and most people are unaware that the traditional mattress they are sleeping on can contain up to 60 different chemicals (some extremely toxic) that are used in the manufacturing process. Organic mattresses are made from ingredients that are organically grown without using pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs. Our 100% organic latex mattresses in Long Island are free from chemicals, harsh glues, and toxic flame retardants. Flame retardants are linked with many health issues among adults and children. We use 100% organic wool or 100% pure virgin wool because it acts as a natural fire retardant without the harsh chemicals.

The majority of mattress manufacturers refuse to disclose the chemicals that are used in making their mattresses. It is important to us here at Bliss to offer you and your family an organic alternative to the traditional mattress.

Choosing your sleep system

There are many choices that can help you achieve a healthy and blissful night’s sleep. You can customize the materials used in your mattress to your preference. We suggest that you schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced sleep specialists to help you choose the right sleep system for you.

Made in the USA

Most of our natural mattresses and products in Long Island are handmade right here in the great USA. That means that only the finest ingredients are used in creating your sleep system. We work with our manufacturers to ensure that only the highest standards are followed.

Focus on Education

We focus on educating our clients. We believe that many people are unaware of the health risks of the consumer products we surround ourselves with every day. As information becomes available to us, we want to share this info with you to help you keep your family safe from toxins.


A better night’s sleep equals a better you. Great sleep, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, enables you to think clearly, remaining sharp and alert throughout the day. You become more positive, energetic, and creative. Great sleep provides a feeling of overall well-being, allowing you to lead a happier, more successful life.

Giving Back

At Bliss Sleep Center, we believe in supporting other organizations that have the same values and vision as we do.  We support a number of local organizations such as the Wellness Foundation, the Southampton Hospital,  the American Forests, and others that focus on educating and improving the health and environment of our community.

We Work With The Best

We hand picked only the best manufacturers around for our natural mattresses in Long Island. To learn more about them you can visit White Lotus, Coyuchi, Suite Sleep, Royal Pedic, or read about Savvy Rest certifications below:

Learn more about the certifications of Savvy Rest’s natural and organic materials.