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Welcome to Bliss Sleep Center

Most people today are focused on eating healthy and exercising to live a healthy life style.  Yet the most important thing to do to improve and maintain your health is to get a good night’s SLEEP.  With our busy lives, many of us see sleep more as a luxury and do not get the necessary amount or the quality of sleep we need to stay healthy. More and more studies are coming out discussing the significant benefits of quality sleep.  Sleep helps many things…

  • Gives you a Longer Lifespan
  • Helps you maintain a stronger immune system
  • Fights sickness and prevents diseases such as lowering your risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancer, etc.
  • Better weight management (helps us maintain a healthy body weight)
  • Balances your mood
  • Increases your energy
  • Decreases stress
  • Repairs and builds muscle
  • Helps strengthen our brain by reorganizing our thoughts, memories, and skills.
  • Repairs your skin and body to help keep you youthful

At Bliss we understand the importance of sleep because living a healthy and successful life starts here.  We take time to listen and understand your needs and then we design a customized sleep system that fits your individual needs.  We share important dos and don’ts prior to bedtime.  Do you already have a mattress but want to improve it?  We can help with our handmade duvets, toppers, sheets, and customized pillows.

Made in the USA

Most of our products are handmade right here in the USA. That means that only the finest ingredients are used in creating your sleep system. We work with our manufacturers to ensure that only the highest standards are followed.

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Take advantage of fine hand crafted pillows made in the USA. They offer amazing comfort, can be customized and are “made with love, not chemicals…”


Organic vs. Traditional

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and most people are unaware that the traditional mattress they are sleeping on can contain up to 60 different chemicals (some extremely toxic) which are used in the manufacturing process. Organic mattresses are made from ingredients that are organically grown without using pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs. Our 100% organic mattresses are free from chemicals, harsh glues, and toxic flame retardants. Flame retardants are linked with many health issues among adults and children. We use 100% organic wool or 100% pure virgin lambs wool from New Zealand because it acts as a natural fire retardant without the harsh chemicals. The majority of mattress manufacturers refuse to disclose the chemicals that are used in making their mattresses and can mislead many consumers into believing that their mattresses are organic/natural. It is important to us here at Bliss to offer you and your family an organic alternative to the traditional mattress.

“Flame-retardant chemicals can spark nervous system disorders and can cause cancer,” according to Bobbi Chase Wilding, deputy director of Clean and Healthy New York, a nonprofit that promotes policy and market changes related to safer chemicals.

Safer Sleep for Babies

Tiny babies sleep for 14-18 hours per day and their brain development is so rapid that 70% of adult brain growth is achieved by age two. Not only are babies busy developing in extraordinary ways, but during their earliest years they are also exceptionally vulnerable to toxins in their environment.

What does this have to do with your baby’s crib mattress? Evidence is gathering that environmental chemical exposure may be behind many developmental brain disorders. For many years, worrying reports on many industrial chemicals have come from researchers who study their presence in human tissue, blood, and breast milk. And there are strong indications from major institutions, including the Harvard School of Public Health, that brain disorders such as autism, ADHD, and retardation may be related to the “silent pandemic” of chemicals in our indoor and outdoor environments.

So how can you reduce your child’s regular exposure to risky chemicals? There are many options, from foods to fabrics, that make good sense. And a pure, safe, organic crib mattress is an especially clear choice, given the number of hours a baby spends sleeping. Check out our children’s page for healthy options.